Bad things come in threes

I knew that my time abroad couldn’t go without some hick ups. My time so far has been amazing and seriously NOTHING bad has happened. Until last week..

First was the Skype call I had with mom. My grandma was in the hospital, it looked very very very bad, and I should prepare myself for the worst.. I did and thank god she somehow managed to get a little better. She probably had a stroke (the doctors are still not sure) and is in a special home where they can help her get better.

Second was my foot. I managed to drop a full trashcan filled with glass bottles on my big toe. I have been crippled ever since. However, this wasn’t the end I also have a blister the size of Australia on the side of my foot. Due to this I can only wear flip flops and everyone can see my disgusting foot.

So number three.. Is the worst of the worst. My laptop is dead. It was just a stupid accident, someone spilled their drink over it. But now it is dead.. I’m sooooooo sad, like I literally cried. And not even just because of the laptop, because I know that with my insurance I’ll be able to get it fixed or get a new one. But because of the fact that one of my placement reports was on there (and no where else). And I will probably have to rewrite it all.

I hope that nothing else happens, I should be fine because they say bad things come in threes (I hope these are bad enough). It even made me a bit homesick. Just because I’m so helpless here. I can’t even call my insurance because it is so freaking expensive from here, and because the Netherlands is having a national holiday.

I’ll be going to Cairns tomorrow to drop my laptop off, so keep your fingers crossed and hope that nothing is really badly wrong. I’ll let you know when I know anything else.



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