Queensland adventures and more..

It has been a while, and I’m terrible sorry about that. The good news is I’m still alive! So, what has been happening in the last month. At the start of April mom and Dolores came to visit me. We did some fun trips (Great Ocean Road, Winery tour, etc) and saw all the sites in Melbourne. It was so good to finally show someone from home where I’ve been living and why I think Melbourne is so amazing!

Almost straight after mom and Dolores left I had to start packing for my next adventure. Because, at the end of April I moved to Port Douglas, this is a tiny little town in the top of Queensland just above Cairns. Here a new United Backpackers is opened and they needed someone to help out there. I have now been here for 2 weeks and I have to say that they made a great decision by opening this hostel. The dry season just started here, the temperature never really goes below 26 during the day and the evenings are also hot.. You however, don’t hear me complaining, I’m finally getting my tan on and Melbourne weather started to remind me of home a little bit too much!

I wasn’t sure about how long I’d be staying here, initially they talked about just two weeks, then it became three weeks and it was left on that for a little while. Today I got the message that I will be staying until after Carnivale, this is the biggest happening in town that takes place every year at the start of the dry season. There are loads of different activities, its an all week party with music, races and way more. Carnivale ends around the end of May, this means that in the end I have been here for about 4 weeks.

When I get back to Melbourne I almost finished my internship! Time went so fast.. I just cant believe that its almost over! This week I also started planning my trip for after my internship finishes. My first stop will be Bali!! I’m leaving on the 29th from Melbourne and will go on a 7 day organised trip with Wanderlust Bali, check out their website it looks so amazing!! On the 6th I’ll be flying back to Cairns, here I’ll stay for just a few days. I’m also planning on going back to Port Douglas for a few days at that time. From there I have till the 19th of August to travel all the way down back to Melbourne. I have to be back on the 19th of August because…. I booked my flight home! I’ll be leaving Melbourne in the morning and will arrive in Amsterdam on the 20th around 8.30AM.

So.. That was it for now, I’ll let you know when I’ve planned my entire trip down the east coast and show you my itinerary for everyone that is interested!



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