Daily life + some fun stuff

It has been a while, time literally flies by here. In the one and a half month I’ve been here most of the time I have been working. I work from Tuesday to Saturday from 9 to 5. This doesn’t leave a lot of time for a lot of things. I do loads of stuff on my weekends of course, I try and see something new every week! I for example have been to Melbourne zoo, future festival and loads of other places! During the week after work I usually hang out at the hostel or go out with friends. When I go out its usually to the park or anywhere else thats free, everything here costs a @##$@#-load of money!

So, you might be wondering what I do at work? If you don’t you can just skip this part.. I often do many different things and just whatever anyone asks of me. Every week I work on my Green project, this means measuring energy, water and waste, but also coming up with a plan to make this place more sustainable. I also do the rates and ratings on our hostel and that of the competition. I look at what kind of reviews we have gotten and put this in a big excel sheet,so that we can see how we’ve been doing. Pinterest is also part of my daily work. I set up the account and have been trying to gain more followers (which is honestly incredibly hard!). Every Friday morning I make pancakes for the whole hostel, this is the only free breakfast that we have and is very popular. Saturdays I work at reception and just help out wherever I can. The hostel has had an occupancy between 96 and 100 % since I’ve been here. This means that almost every day there are between 60 and 100 check outs and check ins, hard work! I’m still getting more tasks, this is mainly because we are opening a new hostel in Port Douglas in Queensland, we will open on the 1sth of April.

Talking about the new hostel. I’m gonna go up there!! I’m so excited about it, I will probably go around the 25th March and be back on the 5th of April, this means I get to be there for the opening! Another super fun and really exciting thing is that Kayleigh is coming over, NEXT WEEKEND! I’m sooooo looking forward to it. Just like all my other friends and family I miss her loads and can’t wait to catch up!

I have been meeting loads of people here and I feel so blessed to have met them. One ofIMG_0070 the girls here is kind of a look a like of me, people mix us up loads and when we are out together they ask if we are sisters. So here a picture of me and Louise (and Mel haha) and you be the judge, do we really look that much a like?

Last weekend I went to Future festival here in Melbourne and it was AMAAAAZEBALLS. I haven’t had that much fun in a while. I also got to see some of the best DJ’s in the world, of course they were all Dutch.. I also got to see Drake and Timmy Trumpet, gosh it was so good! Me and my friends were all dressed up in onesies. Soooo, also some pictures from me and my buddies in our onesies. Such a good day though, can’t express how much fun I had!



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