Living in a hostel

Today I have been in Australia for exactly one month. This means that I also have been living in a hostel for a month. I love love love United Backpackers and all the colleagues and many friends I have made here, but living in a hostel is not always as much fun as it seems.

When I first heard about my room it was said that I had “the best” room in the hostel, it is a 4 dorm ensuite for women (this means that I have a bathroom in my room). So sharing a room with 3 other girls doesn’t seem like such a bad thing right!? I have to say that most of the time it isn’t, but some days I can literally kill the people that I have to sleep with.

A few weeks ago I had these two german girls in my room that were only there for 2 days, we had a little talk but didn’t really click so I just went on with my day. I knew that they were supposed to leave on that specific morning and was surprised that when I went to bed the night before their stuff was still spread out all over the room. Around 4 AM I was woken up by an alarm, but fell asleep straight after that, unfortunately it wasn’t for long. 5 minutes after the alarm sounded the two girls starting packing their backpacks, it took them about 40 minutes of looking through plastic bags (they make such an annoying sound!!!) and zipping their bags open a trillion times before they where ready, at least I thought they were ready. I heard the door open and close and finally got to go back to bed peacefully. Just when I finally started to sleep, I got woken up again!! More zipping and plastic bags and annoying noises. Apparently the girls thought that it was smart to go to breakfast in between their packing and finish their job afterwards. At 5.30 AM they finally left the room with all their shit and I could sleep. Only to be woken up by my own alarm around 7.45..

Another point of annoyance is the mess people make. The room is fairly small and even though I usually put my clothes everywhere. I try to keep it all in my suitcase. Right now I have two girls that are just incredible. They literally put there shit over the whole room. I can’t even walk to my bed without tripping over some bra’s and shorts.

Sorry for all that whining about people. There are also some really cool and amazing things that have happened because I live in a hostel. You have a party in the bar EVERY night. The bar is in the basement an isolated really well, so you don’t hear a thing of it in the rooms. There are two nights where we can get a free meal (taco’s and hot dogs) and there is a free breakfast (which I have to make for everyone, but this also means that I can eat an unlimited amount of pancakes every Friday morning!!) Something else are the people here. Yes, there are always those few that you can’t stand. But I have to say that I met the most amazing and interesting people whilst I’m just sitting in the kitchen eating my breakfast, lunch or dinner.

I do miss my privacy sometimes, but since I work here I also know the best spots to go to where I can be alone. For example: right now I am sitting in the bar. No one ever comes here during the day so Its just really nice and quiet. Some other good news is that in approximately two weeks I will be able to move to the staff room. This means that I have to say goodbye to my own bathroom and window to the outside. But I will gain so much more room for all my stuff and no more guests checking in and out every single day!

To end this story, just a random picture of me with trousers on my head.



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