White Night @ Melbourne

Two nights ago it was White night here in Melbourne. It is sort of a culture festival that takes over the whole CBD (Central Business District) so the centrum of Melbourne. It takes place on the 21st of February and goes from 7pm till 7am. This year there where over 1 million people in the area to look at the art! There was so much to see and to do. I’ll just show the my pictures and videos and you can create your own opinion about the evening. All I can say is that it was pretty spectacular, maybe not worth 1 million visitors spectacular, but very impressive at least! Don’t forget to watch the video at the end!

DCIM100GOPRO 11005980_10155307352670604_57057558_n 11016709_10155307352060604_678183589_n 11003912_10155307349965604_1429291706_n11016348_10155307351985604_1714535670_n 11007546_10155307351690604_1278685010_n 11005601_10155307351025604_833515944_n








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