Great Ocean Road & Grampians National Park

Last week I went on a 3 day trip that took me over the Great Ocean Road (GOR) and through Grampians National Park. The whole trip was in one word AMAZING! With a group of only 15 people from all over the world we left Melbourne to start on our adventure that would first take us to the GOR. Our guide told us some amazing stories along the way starting of with one about this road. It was first build to give work to the soldiers that just returned from WWI and as a memorial to all those that had fallen. This makes the road that is 243 km the largest war memorial in the world.

After several hours with many stops to look at the beautiful coast line we stopped at a small campsite where various birds (a king arrow was one of them I believe) and koala’s could be spotted from up close. A guy that was on a different trip was even handing out birdseeds, the birds loved it an came to sit on your arms, shoulders and head just to get some of it! The koala’s were asleep and less entertaining than the birds, they are however, very cute.

The next stop on the trip was the Great Otway National Park rainforest, here some of the biggest trees in the world can be found. There where also these really big spongy ferns that where almost 2 to 3 meters high.

Later on in the day we finally saw the amazing wonder of the GOR, the twelve apostels. It is not until you see them in real life that you know why everyone who has seen them says its just an amazing sight. They truly are something  you could look at forever.

In the evening we slept in a backpackers hostel and after an early start we got the chance to say our final goodbyes to the ocean before we headed to Grampian National Park. The Grampians where ruled by three aboriginal tribes before the white people came and took over the land. We visited a trillion year old vulcano (I don’t know how old it exactly was but the guide was talking about ice ages and all that..) and saw some emu’s in the wild, due to a bushfire last year not a lot of other wildlife could be found in the area. We drove through a large farming area where you could still see the damage that the bushfires had caused over the years. The guide however, told us that bushfires are needed to regenerate the nature and without them much flora and fauna would be gone.

The second night we slept in Halls Gap, this is the town in the national park and this is the place where I tasted my first piece of Kangaroo meat. We had a nice BBQ where everyone got the try some of the Kangaroo meat, I always thought that I wouldn’t like it, but I did. It is one of the nicest meats I have ever had to be honest.. And no, it doesn’t taste anything like chicken.

On the third day we had to get up at 6 in the morning because of an three hour hike we would be doing that morning. Temperatures would get up to almost 36 degrees during the day, so to be able to finish the hike without a heatstroke we needed to leave as early as possible. First we walked through an area called the Grand Canyon to get to one of the highest points called the Pinnacle where we had a beautiful view of the national park.

If you want to see more pictures, just go to my Facebook page 🙂 :

The video at the bottom is one of all three days!


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