First week


I can’t believe I’ve been here for over a week already. Time really seems to fly! I said my jetlag goodbye about two days ago and have been enjoying the Melbourne weather on my days off. They say Melbourne has all four seasons in one day, and that is definitely true! I guess I’ve been very fortunate with the weather and only saw rain 2 times. In the first days I mainly explored Melbourne and didn’t really do anything worth mentioning. Oh yes maybe. They have these two streets that are filled with graffiti and look sooooo amazing! I’ll put some pictures in at the end of this post!

Last week I started working at the hostel. I have every Sunday and Monday off so my weekday starts on Tuesday. I had a little meeting with Jess on Tuesday morning, she is my supervisor here at United Backpackers, and we talked about the company what my expectations are and what my tasks will be later on. After that I started working at reception. It apparently is very important to know how everything works at reception since it is the heart of the company. It took me about two days to be more confident with checking people in and out and be able to work with the system they use. I really enjoy working at reception, I love talking to all the people and hearing what they have been up to and what their plans are for the rest of their trip. Most of the stories are fairly similar but there are those few special ones that are just amazing and I’m so jealous that they can go and travel already!

From next week on I’ll be doing more marketing, promotion and backoffice work and only help out at reception at the peak hours when everyone is checking in an out. I will still have a full day of reception work every Saturday so that is fun! I’ll also start working on my ‘Green’ project, which I’m really looking forward to. Australia in general has been working a lot on becoming more aware of what is going on with the environment and trying to help to hostel become more environmentally aware is an interesting challenge.

Tomorrow I will be leaving for a three day trip to the Great Ocean Road and Grampians. I’m so excited since I will be seeing my first koala’s, kangaroos and wallabies! I’ll let you know how it was somewhere next week!


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