I thought that I had a little bit of a Jetlag when I went to Asia. Now I know I was wrong. I am sooooo tired right now, but I’m determined to stay awake till at least 11, so that I hopefully will be over this thing soon!

Maybe I should first tell you how my trip went. My biggest worry was that I would sit next to a fat, smelly person or someone with a little kid. Luckily this was not the case! My first flight was kind of OK, I don’t really know how good a flight of 12 hours can be, but I guess it was manageable. I tried sleeping, this was however not really working for me, so in the end I watched about 5 different movies and entertained myself with some games. I know hold the high score in Tetris on my plane.

The 3 hour wait in Kuala Lumpur was not too bad, I had a really nice hamburger for breakfast and watched some of my series. The second flight I really wanted to sleep and managed to get a few hours in. This flight was luckily only 7 hours!

The landing in Melbourne went smooth and even though I had nightmares about customs (TIP: don’t watch border security before you leave for Australia) everything went very smooth and I could walk straight through. Upon arrival I took a bus and a tram and arrived at the hostel around 11 at night. After sending a quick message home that everything was ok I fell in a deep sleep for exactly 4 hours. I woke up at 5 and couldn’t fall asleep after that.

On my first day I just walked around, set up a bank account and got an Australian phone number. From now on please send WhatsApp messages to my Australian nr (you can find it at the end of this post) I won’t be checking my Dutch nr a lot since it only works when I have wifi.

Tomorrow I have a meeting with Jess, she is my supervisor here at United Backpackers. I will hear more about the planning and my tasks at that moment, so whenever I have something interesting I will let you know!

My Australian nr: +61 452 532 331

To be continued..



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